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“Eighty percent of all movies made before 1929 are gone, as are 50 percent of the films produced before 1950, and even recent screen classics like Vertigo and Jaws have deteriorated. The reasons for our disappearing film heritage include the unstable nature of early cellulose nitrate, studio neglect and even destruction of films, and public apathy. Actor-turned-writer McGreevey and independent film scholar Yeck offer a concise review of current film preservation efforts and a compelling call for further action. The authors advocate a combined effort by government, dedicated individuals, film societies, archives, and studios interested in preserving a valuable commodity.” Stephen Rees, Library Journal



Movie Westerns 


An introduction the Hollywood Western. (10 and up)


Red River

High Noon


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Dances With Wolves


Selected Articles

American Classic Screen Features

Amercian Classic Screen Features“In the State of California: DE HAVILLAND, PLAINTIFF VS. WARNER BROS., DEFENDANT”

“Lamb bites wolf? It was rare in the 1940s that Jack L. Warner lost fight. The public, in fact, thought him invincible. Least likely of all to bring Warner and the whole movie industry to toe was a the fleeciest lamb of Warner’s flock – Olivia de Havilland.

Her image was meek and mild: she’d played Melanie in Gone with the Wind and Maid Marian in The Adventures of Robin Hood. She portrayed sweet heroines and handmaidens as opposed to ruthless roles, but beneath this pacific public image, a slow boil as about to burn over.”

American Classic Screen Features is a collections of essays previously published in the periodical American Classic Screen, published from 1976 to 1984.”(Communication Booknotes Quarterly 2011-07-01)

A Sampling of Film Reference Online by Joanne L. Yeck


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